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Inner Bliss Sangha was started with the purpose for anyone who is in search of inspiration and guidance to live a happy and blissful life.  How one can take charge of their own joy and mindfulness using various meditation techniques and different modalities. Inner Bliss Sangha conducts Tarot Cards Reading for individuals, Lama Fera Healing, Hypnotherapy sessions, Vastu and holistic wellness workshops, remote sessions, and live events across the world. The goal is to make mindfulness and healing accessible to everyone.  A transformational  journey from “Not Knowing to Knowing” and “Victim to Victory”.

Join us for a tarot session, Lama Fera Healing, Past Life Regression or removing negative energy through balancing Vastu elements of your home sweet home.  You can also attend our workshops on Tarot cards reading courses, meditation program or healing sessions to solve the issues of your life and live a Blissful Life

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