About Bheem Tattva

About bheem Tattva

Bheem Tattva is derived from Sanskrit for the “Powerful Element.” This is exactly the motivation on which the company stands on. To put out products that are safe, powerful and barely work was not enough. Bheem Tattva’s motives are to source the best, the purest, and the highest quality products from Mother Nature’s lap that money can buy in order to cure and protect from the multitude of diseases and illnesses plaguing our society today.

Bheem Tattva was recently founded by Ms. Sapna Gautam in the early part of 2020 during the dreaded Covid 19 Lockdown. This was a call to action due to the concern of the many people who were getting ill due to the pandemic. A measure to find safe and effective herbal and Ayurvedic remedies was of the highest precedence! Her hope was to go above and beyond the other competitive brands currently out in the market.

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